About Lois

Lois Williams makes her home with her husband Fred in Lacey, Washington.   One of God’s gifted communicators, she also speaks at women’s retreats and other events, and is an enthusiastic advocate of spiritual journaling; enjoying helping God’s people learn this art for their own devotional refreshment.

Lois Williams is a woman of grace and wisdom…put together with wonderful creativity!  Her speaking is fun, festive and encouraging, straight from the Word of God and His powerful work in her heart and life.

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After a devastating diagnosis, Lois Williams experienced a life-saving surgery and a long recovery. Along the way as God gently guided her, she documented her daily struggles, insecurities and joys. The result of this is Signposts: Direction for the Journey. Each segment records a “signpost” for the week, a word from Scripture that moved and touched her along the way. She says, “I know that everyone is taking some sort of journey and though mine is not any more fraught with pain and fear than anyone else’s, my hope is that what God has made clear to me might be helpful to others.”

People are saying:

“Another fantastic book by Lois Williams, Signposts is a great read for anyone who can relate to walking a tough road. Lois is consistently candid about the journey’s ups and downs, and how God is always there to light the way.”

“An intimate journey into a Proverbs 31 woman’s most defining moments. Told with unusual grace and poignancy, Signposts holds much wisdom and truth for those who also journey with the Lord through life’s many hills and valleys. Be encouraged and blessed by the reading!”

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