Searching for an entertaining  and uplifting speaker?  Look no further! Whether it’s a retreat, luncheon or some other women’s event, Lois’s unique approach, using her original poetry, deeply touches hearts.  She has a wide range of topics from which to choose and is also open to work with your theme.  Lois is also available for Christmas events, using her poetry to tell the familiar story in a different, heart-reaching way.  She is also an active speaker for Stonecroft Ministries.  www.stonecroft.org Here are a few comments from her speaking events:
  • “Lois is very real and conveys the Word of God in a way that connects with every woman.”
  • “Most enjoyable speaker, thoughtful and entertaining.”  “I appreciated her willingness to share so openly about her own life choices.”
  • “Lois was genuine and shared from her heart.  God has worked mightily in her life and it spoke through her words and into my life.”
  • “I appreciated Lois’s humbleness and desire for holiness, as well as her awesome teaching times.”
  • “I am thankful for her testimony, her wonderful sense of humor.  She will bless many people.”
Her passion for journaling Lois offers an interactive workshop that explains the many benefits gained from personal journaling, and her enthusiasm in passing along this discipline is contagious.  With her authentic heart and sincere desire to keep growing in relationship with God, she invites participants to consider their own depth of relationship with Him.  Her skills in facilitating a workshop make for a meaningful experience. Visit her Facebook author page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/LoisWilliamsAuthorSpeaker?fref=ts

Short Topics

We are all walking a pathway. This topic discusses the ways God interacts with us, wherever we happen to be along our pathway. Theme verse: Proverbs 4:18 “The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter until the full light of day.”

This is one of my Christian Women’s Club talks. In it I talk about our home invasion robbery; and how it taught me to celebrate the things that are important in our lives; how we were robbed of our relationship with God in the Garden of Eden, and how to restore that relationship through faith in Jesus.

“Flipped – Lessons From a Bug”
This tells a rather humorous story about how I turned over my Volkswagen going the wrong way down the freeway. It, too, has a gospel message about going the wrong way and getting back on the right side of the road.

“How do you spell FEAR?”
This talk explores three fears that plague many of us: 1: “I am not enough”, 2: “I will not have enough”, and the basic fear that underlines the first 2… “God is not enough”, And leads to examining God’s promises that He is indeed enough.

“Wisely Embracing Hope Instead of Fear”
Again, this topic is a little different than the one above, in that it talks about our fears of rejection, of repercussion, of something terrible happening to us, and emphasizes the importance of trusting and living in hope.

“False Green Eyelashes”
Why we wear masks. What causes us to wear masks, how we make up our masks, how to remove them and how to reveal the true face God has created, to be who we were made to be.

“Feed My Sheep”
A discussion of the real hunger we all carry in our souls for God. How to allow Him to fill us with Himself, and when we do we will be ready, willing and able to spill out the love and care to those with whom we live and interact.

“Sing Strength Into Your Soul”
This talk focuses on the old hymns of the church and how they can bring strength and how the beauty of the words fill us with memories and promises.

“It’s Pursonal!”
As women, what we carry in our purses says a lot about us; what we feel is important to our well-being. Main theme: we can change purses, but what we carry remains. Until we find Jesus and discover the wonder of a “personal” relationship with Him. This talk is evangelistic in nature. Bringing the listeners to an invitation to find Jesus in a “pursonal” way.

This talk is based on Isaiah 55, with three themes of God’s abundance to us. 1) Abundant Provision; 2) Abundant Pardon; 3) Abundant Peace. Can be done in a brief 30-45 minute talk, or stretched into a day-long retreat.

“Seed For the Sower, Bread For The Eater/How Does Your Garden Grow?”
Using Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed, explaining the different kinds of soil that we have in our hearts and how to keep them fertile and fruitful.

Specifically for Christmas, I use 13 (or 14 depending on time) original poems which tell the Christmas story, with anecdotes and personal illustrations in between. These meditations have been written over the past 24 years…I write one every Christmas as our greeting to friends and family. I’ve put them together to make the story live in perhaps a new way.

“Having a Christmas Heart All Year”
Obviously, a special Christmas talk! How can we keep the spirit of Christmas alive in our hearts all year? By concentrating on four ways to foster hearts of anticipation, excitement, amazement and wonder. Like the compassionate heart of God.